10 Legit Ways To Raise Extra Money While Keeping Your Day Job

If you’re broke today, cutting back on your spending will only do so little. You have to have more cash in your pocket. The question is, how?

Earning more doesn’t mean you have to look for another job if you can’t get a raise or an advance from your employer. It also doesn’t mean you have to immediately sign up for payday loans, which may not be the wisest alternative to raising money. It’s possible to earn more while keeping your day job – or while you are currently looking for a job. You just have to know how you can make money out of your available resources – your time, your home, your car and your talents and skills.

payday loansFrom making money out of your spare room to selling your old photos online, here are easy and realistic money-making ideas to top up your income.

  1. Host guests and rent out your place

Do you have a spare room or an insta-worthy apartment you could generate income from? With some extra time and great customer service skills, listing your place on Airbnb can be worth it.

Airbnb is a popular accommodation service app that caters to weary travelers who are looking for a room to stay in for short term. By hosting guests and opening your home to boarders, you can make hundreds or thousands per month. You just have to give up a bit of privacy in exchange for extra cash, but this ain’t a deal breaker.

  1. Sign up with a rideshare company

If you’ve got a car, you can earn extra money by driving for people. But unlike full-time cab drivers, you drive at your own time and pace. Popular rideshare companies, like Uber and Lyft, cater to both drivers and commuters. You can let passengers in and drive the car yourself. If you want to earn without the hassle, you can hire a driver who’d be willing to drive your car and share you a part of his daily earnings while you continue with your day job.

  1. Rent your car out

Instead of letting your car gather dust in your driveway, you can rent it out to folks who have none. You could even drive for them during their trips for extra income.

  1. Do weird jobs for a day

Busy folks can hire other people to handle basic errands and hand-picked home services, like becoming a handyman, house cleaner, car washer, furniture assembler, and somebody’s personal assistant for the day. This is where you come in. By signing up with TaskRabbit, Zaarly, and Craigslist, you can pick up odd jobs, both skilled and unskilled. You can also set your own rates.

Zaarly is available in selected US states. TaskRabbit is available in 18 US cities and in London. Craigslist is available in the US, Canada, Europe, Asia, Asia Pacific, Middle Easy, Oceana, Latin America, Africa.

Or you could ask your family and friends to do odd jobs for them. Wash a car. Clean homes. Mow lawns. Walk the dogs. Babysit for a day. If you have a flexible schedule, you could do these jobs for them in exhange of a small fee.

  1. Create a blog

Blogging isn’t just a way of expressing your views but also a money-making tool. If you’re passionate and knowledgeable about a particular field, like music, art, travel, food, or finance, create a website with ads and affiliate links. With this, you earn while creating value for your audience.

  1. Go for a freelance writing gig

You only need a functional laptop, a stable internet connection, and an unlimited supply of creativity. A lot of clients are looking for freelance writers, which means you could earn without leaving the comfort your home. Ask for connections from your former colleagues or search freelance gigs online, like on LinkedIn and Copify.

  1. Perform during weeknights

Getting paid for something you’re passionate about, like making music, seems like a great steal. Perform at weekend gigs. If you don’t care much about sleep, you can perform at bars and music lounges after your tedious workday. And if you’ve got a massive talent, you could use the exposure to your advantage. You could attract potential clients who’d ask you to play music at their events in exchange for a fabulous rate.

  1. Get artsy and sell your handicrafts

Are you good at knitting, cross-stitching, painting, wood carving, and doing other handicrafts? You can turn your hobbies into a self-sustaining enterprise by creating your own Etsy shop and reap rewards. You may also advertise your crafts online for a better chance of attracting art-savvy customers.

  1. Invest in your inner culinary artist

You love cooking. People love eating. Why not capitalize on this? You could sell your freshly baked goods, sweet or savory dishes, and other recipes that speak for your family’s culinary flair. It’s not just about the taste – but about the packaging as well. Present them in pretty containers, photograph them nicely, ask friends to advertise them on social media, and wait for consumers to flock.

  1. Upload your photos online

If you have a decent camera, some mad photography skills, and a bunch of old, quality photos that only rot in your hard drive, you could offer them to photo agencies, like Shutterstock.

Author Bio: Ina Salva Cruz is one of the daytime writers for Speedy Money Payday Loans, an Australian-based business, providing short-term borrowing solutions. Like other young adults, she’s focused on getting a head start on her finances and she loves to write about  wealth-building tips for millennials.

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