5 Best Ideas to Save Money in Daily Routine Shopping

Well in today’s modern age of technology, fast & expensive word, It is very difficult to save money in your daily life. But if you adopt some good habit of saving money, it will change our lives, because these habits and savage will help you in the hard time of your life. In this article we’ll discuss the best five ways to save money in purchase of daily life routine.

money saving

Buy in Bulk

It’s generally a lot cheaper to buy a 3-lb bag of onions than just one, or a 5-lb bag of carrots than just 3 or 4. Making cookies? Buy the big bag of jellies, chips, instead of the small one. Obviously when you buy anything in bulk it will save your money or it will be better option to always buy in sales.

Discount Habit

There are some good and bad habits in every person. But the “Discount Habit” you will surprise to hear about it. Yes this is one of my best habit that I learn in live which helps me in every shopping everywhere. Whenever you go-out for shopping and buy something, always make a demand for discount to from every store. Either it is big or small, I hope you will got discount and this may also help you to save money.

Alternative Buying Methods

Buying in alternative methods is one of the best option to saving big money. If you are interest to buy a 125cc Motorbike or want to buy 1ooocc Car, so in these cases try to use alternative purchases. Like instead of 125cc try to purchase 100cc bike or 70cc bike. Big advantage is that you will save big money during purchase and other life time money saving form fuel that you would put in bike. Same like other things that will help you to save in various locations.

Household Bargains

Television, Air Condition (AC), Fans, Freezer, Generator, Sofa Set, Beds and Chairs and thousands of other things that are the needs of every home. And these all things are mostly purchased by women, there must be understanding between Husband and Wife during purchase of these all things. So this is simple advice for all of families that always try to purchase in Household Bargains, Shops where Second Hand and Use things are available for sold. It will helps to save extra money in your household things sometimes you will get these things on cheapest prices.


A lot of supermarkets offers gifts and bonuses on the purchase of some percentage. Countries like UAE, Europe, America, Australia and Canada etc. Markets in these countries issue you a card once and add some points on every purchase, once your pints reach to limit they offer you free purchasing of $100 to $150 or some markets offers you big gifts like LCD or Mobile.

Some markets offer the coupon on every purchase to participate in lottery. At the day of lottery there is a chance to win big gifts like Car, Air tickets or Motorbike. So its advice to you that always participate in lottery this will at once helps you to gain a lot of money, it’s upon you luck so best of luck always.

If you have any question, any opinion or suggestion about this post, so don’t hesitate to contact us. Because we know that your writing is precious for us. Happy Saving Money J


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