5 Myths About Investment!

Are you trying to invest in some products soon? OR do you need some more proof that they are worth it? Are you worried about investing? Or are you an experienced investor going through a bad investment phase? Then this article is for you as we dive deeper into what investment is, what it is worth, and how to invest. Plus, we’re also going to bust five investment myths for you! So be prepared for this ride soon!


What is Investment?

To learn about this, we first need to know and understand what investment is and why it is essential. Investment is putting your money into stocks, a business company, or any commodity that can/can produce good revenue from it later on!

But investment is not just that. It can be described in more straightforward and layperson’s terms as well. You can also invest your time, love, and sense into something. In your daily life, buying goods, groceries, and foods, you can easily invest money indirectly into the companies. And here the return is much more amazing discounts and variety and upgraded quality of products guaranteed in the future. Money is also an important commodity that can be invested, but that’s in a more professional sense. These can be invested directly in the company’s stocks or by business partnerships, as w. All in all, there’s investment everywhere to look for! But we’re here to talk about some more crucial professional kinds of investments to follow in your future.

Investment is essential in today’s business as it keeps on adding revenue to your regular income, increases your wealth, makes you financially secure, adds more sources of income regularly, and helps you tackle inflation and beat it with such high paybacks! It has a lot of benefits, as it allows you to keep your financial independence and helps you with tax benefits. So, you should be investing more!

How to Invest?

There are loads of different ways to invest in the market. There are several different ways to support for sure. Insurance plans, Mutual funds, Fixed deposits, Public Provident Funds (PPF) and small savings accounts, Real estate, Stock market, Commodities, Derivatives and foreign exchange, a new class of assets, etc.

But you should almost always invest in something that you think is rewarding in the long run. The high money you could get from it is also a safe source of income and can provide you satisfaction in the long term. This means that you should invest in more places that you support or businesses that you trust and want to see grow, as it will be a long-term investment in something good and a great way to ensure that you are satisfied with your assets.

Now that you know everything there to grasp, we will discuss the five myths that should be busted about investment and will benefit everyone who still thinks the old and traditional way, so keep tuned!

Here are the five myths about an investment that we want to bust this time:

1.  Provident fund is sufficient:

You heard that right! But it’s the wrong thing to be said, ever! The right thing is that the provident fund is not at all sufficient to be enough. A provident fund is a regular-based healthy income secured by the government and helps you combat inflation easily with a 7.5% interest rate. On average, it’s a great and sturdy source of income. But the catch is it doesn’t increase the revenue at all. That’s where you know that you will need several other income sources to help improve your wealth. Because let’s be honest, all the money in the bank will only decrease its value. It’s best to invest it properly somewhere else.

2.  It’s only for the wealthy:

This one is a total lie! Investing is not just for the rich! It’s for every one of us. You can start investing with just 500 rupees per month. It’s that simple. You need to find a good source of income to help you save. It can be as small as you’d like it. Because investing in it will only increase it eventually, that’s it. Investment is not just for the rich people who have a suspicious amount of money! It is for everyone who wants to save money and increase their money in the long run.

3.  Investing is Gambling:

Here’s another myth here. Gambling is a bad rep for investing; it has been like this almost all the damn time! Thus, we need to understand that it’s not like that carefully. Though it can always look like a gamble since you know how both involve the factor of risk and not the guarantee of any returns, to be precise, there is an essential key difference. In investing, the investor and the company mutually benefit, whereas only the person winning benefits in gambling. So mutually satisfying means that both parties will try harder for the investment to succeed, and there would be no hostility as both will lose if that happens.

4.  Timing Market Is Key:

Timing the market can make you win sometimes. But it’s not always the case, and we’ve seen it happening all the time. It’s better to be a long-term investor than to be a short-term, as the latter is risky and doesn’t always involve getting. So, in short, the more prolonged investment brings you more returns rather than short-term quick fixes.

5.  Life Insurance is an investment:

Life Insurance is not an investment. It only gives a part of the money as returns. In the end, in any accident or death, your family will not get enough to cover their expenses in the longer term; thus, it can be tough to get ahead. So, it’s better to do a term life insurance with mutual funds to secure wealth for help in these situations instead of relying on just one thing, as it is more beneficial.

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