Angel Investment Vs. P2P Investment

Business market follow a zig zag path in invest market according to profit and loss. As an investor, it’s a very tough task to use money with calculated risk and perfect timing to gain maximum profit.


In India, now a new concept is adopted by lending industry to provide a best platform that is peer to peer investment.

In economic industry, investors have choice to invest money through bank, Share market, angel investment, p2p investment and few ones.

But sometimes more options to choose in life, more confusing for those first time investor that want to invest without spend more time on investigation of  economic market that fluctuate per second.

Let’s take a look on angel investment, an investor give his money to borrower (may be entrepreneur).In business market there is less chance to succeed and return profit as expected. That time borrower has difficulty to return investor’s money back with less profit or sometime not able to return single penny after defaulter (bankrupt). It’s the great loss of investor who spends his money, time to get profit but this angel investment became devil investment and digs him in business market failure list. Angel investment has less surety to successful return profit that investor want. Business market investment through banks provide only fixed rate of profit there is less chance to make money more profitable as expected by investor.

Now take a look on newer concept in India, Peer to peer lending. Investor can invest his money through a platform there he can find most creditworthy borrowers list and distribute money in fractional part to reduce risk of failure. If one borrower fail to return his money with as expected result but there is other borrower also that may be gain profit that are using same investor money.

Advantage of p2p investment

  1. Fractional Investment
  2. Expected Higher Return
  3. Minimum Risk failure
  4. Less time consume
  5. Less effect during economy downturn

During economy downturn, In P2P investment, investors’ money not directly induced in market. So dependency of economic sector cannot affect directly investor’s assets. His dependency is only on that borrower that is chasing economic bull.

During faceoff economic bear,P2P investors have a shield of fractional borrower that are gaining profit too or entrepreneur that are booming his business to use investor money.

So after calculating total profit and loss chances, investor has not so much worry about economic downturn.

Investor also far away from documentation term before giving loan to borrower or afterward completion of loan.

After successful process of registration on P2P platform, investor can invest money to check Top list of borrower that use money wisely even downturn or upturn.

Taking a cue from previous debacle, every investor want to be secure for his money, so p2p invest provide them a secure environment that is minimum risk, maximum profit, less time with a trustworthy platform that now we can say “Pay 2 Profit”.

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