Can I Use My Car As Collateral For The Title Loans?

Every time you are not ready to face unexpected emergencies and also these problems arise at that time when you do not have some additional cash to deal with them. In this situation, you get panicked and think that from where you will take help? Then you prefer to borrow money from your family, relatives and friends, but you are not comfortable to do it every time because it can be a tough task for you. If you choose the loan to handle your issues, then you must have a good credit history. With bad credit, some lenders are not ready to give you the loan.

title loans

Don’t worry! If you have an asset then you can solve your difficulties in an easy way. The title loans need only your assets for loan approval because it is used as collateral. So with your collateral or assets, you will get the cash fast. If you are in fear that the vehicle will be stored by the loan provider then feel free, it will not happen. You can use your vehicle as normal in your daily life.

Title loans- use your car as collateral

Title loans are secured loans, the security of loan is your assets which are later used as collateral for the loan process. The best thing about this type of loan is that your poor credit score doesn’t bother for the approval of the loan. If you have a car then without any hassle you can apply for a loan. Mostly in this loan, you will borrow the amount at the reasonable interest rate with a flexible payment option.

Can you get a high loan amount with title loans?

Yes, you can be able to borrow the high amount of the loan with collateral loans, but there is one condition that the market value of your car must be high or good. With the finer condition of the vehicle, you have a chance to get a better amount. Your funds are dependent on this condition.

Apply with your bad credit!

Forget about your low credit, you can still able to apply for a loan with poor credit history. There are no credit checks required and also your job profile doesn’t matter, you easily approved for a loan if you are unemployed. Only one thing is necessary for bad credit loans- that is your vehicle!

The main reason to apply for a car title loan 

Get quick cash

With collateral loans, you will get quick cash for your needs in just a few hours or the cash in your hand on the same day of approval.

No credit checks required

Title loans do not require good credit or employment history because in these loans your car is used as collateral. If you have a car, you are eligible for a car title loan. if you do not have perfect credit, you can still apply for a loan.

Hassle-Free documentation Process

The car title loan procedure requires only your valid Canadian Driving License along with the documents of your car that are essential. You just submit fewer documents and have a hassle-free documentation process. Within less time you will be completed your paperwork.

There  are no prepayment penalties

There are no prepayment penalties on loans. Some lender provides flexible payment options and you can pay your loan amount according to your convenience.

Loan amount

In title loans, the loan amount is totally based on your car’s condition and market value.  So make sure that your car is in good condition.

Improve your bad credit score

You can improve your bad credit score easily with us. Getting bad credit car loans at the lowest interest rates with flexible payment options helps you to improve your credit score.

Keep Your Car 

The best benefit of getting the loans is that you get to keep your car with you during the entire loan session. Service providers can’t store your car when you are paying the loan payments.

 To qualify for an auto title loans, you must meet the following criteria:

  • You must have a vehicle that is not much older.
  • Your vehicle must have a clear title.
  • You must have the vehicle both registered and insured in your name.
  • A valid Canadian driver’s license.
  • Proof of residency, an mail that has been sent to you at your address.

There is easy and simple processing of getting a loan

  • You just fill the online application form or call the provider and speak with one of their specialists
  • You just submit all your related documents for further process and paperwork is done within minutes.
  • After that, you can receive your funds and go with your vehicle as well. Your cash in your hand in a few hours.

Hurry up! Don’t waste your time to think, just get the title loan by using your car as collateral.

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