Count The Unlimited Benefits Of A Credit Card

We all have to believe that credit cards have become a necessity for all people everywhere in the world. A credit card from a bank makes it easy to do the shopping and online transactions without the problem of carrying hard cash in pockets. This car system is convenient and can also save a considerable amount of money through cashback, dining discounts, shopping discounts and travel offers, etc.

Benefits Of A Credit Card

Each credit card comes with certain perks and rewards and you need to make a smart move for a certain card. Try to choose your credit card depending on your lifestyle and how you plan your daily routine as if you are a frequent traveler then a travel card may suit your working with excellent travel offers. There are different types of credit cards in UAE from different banks providing diverse offers. We will discuss a few of the benefits of having a credit card.

Direct cashback discount offers

Some of the cards are quite unique and provide you excellent cashback discount offers according to their own terms and conditions. Having a credit card with cashback benefits is ideal for people who are frequent purchasers. If you want to use your credit card to get rewarded in everyday spends, be it groceries, fuel or online transactions, then you must go for a cashback card.

Basically, you will get an amount of cashback on your total monthly expenses so that to compensate for your savings. This will be credited to your next credit card statement automatically and you don’t need to count the offers. For example, if your credit card offers you a cashback of 5% on clothing items, then for every AED 100 spent on such items you’d get AED 10 credited in your card’s next statement.

Easy installments for card payments

You can get money at the spot even you don’t have any single penny in your bank account through your credit card offers. The balance limit on a card depends on the status of a client. For example, if you are a big investor then your respective bank can provide you with a maximum credit card limit. How does it work? Very simple like most of us can’t afford to pay for their dream living room furniture with an upfront payment but if you have a card you do it without any issue.

You can use your card and pay back in installments. Some banks offer zero percent interest rate options on certain things to pay in installments. Such offers are limited and bound over a given period of time. We would recommend you to avail such offers and consider this option to manage your cash flow. Keep one thing in mind that you need to stick to your monthly budget.

Travel with air miles points

This is the most luxurious item and excellent for all kinds of frequent travelers. If you have to move to one region to another twice or thrice a month, then you must have a travel card in your pocket. A credit card can help you in several ways if you travel frequently like you can get maximum air miles points which can cover your travel costs.

The UAE is the busiest region and one of the biggest benefits is the accumulation of air miles with every dirham you spend using a travel card. By accumulating miles, you could redeem them against air tickets and get discount offers. Sometimes you have enough points that you can travel to your dream destination for free or even redeem them for retail vouchers. If we have a look at a travel card offers, other perks for travelers include discounts on air tickets, accommodation, complimentary airport lounges access, rent a car service and chauffeured rides.

Free deals over a limited time period

The choice of a card does matter because with the right credit card apply in Dubai you can avail exclusive offers where you can get products and services for free in Dubai. Most of the banks take a few attractive marketing tools to gar the attention of international account holders. Like in UAE banks offer their credit card customers numerous buy one, get one free deal using their app. The official app of a bank allows users to locate venues around them and track savings. This is like a game. You must get updated with the upcoming deals and next time you want to treat yourself, use the offer across dining, leisure, retail and wellness, through your card. Look up the deals available on the app and take your best friend with you for some entertaining moments.

Get a free insurance policy

You can also use your credit card to get life insurance policies and many other kinds of offers. This is another great benefit that comes with a few special credit cards that you can enjoy peace of mind when traveling or shopping. Travelers can avail complimentary travel insurance with Premier credit cards. Few other credit cards such as Mashreq Platinum can get purchase protection and extended warranty. Everything is possible using a credit card but only if you are using it in a responsible way.

Savings on entertainment

Some customers come under the category of serious buyers and some are entertainers because they always need special and attractive services. Now it’s the duty of a bank to accommodate both types of customers. People who are looking for ways to save money are often advised to avoid spending too much on entertainment and leisure activities. But if someone wants to spend on cinema tickets, gold membership or a sports match, what he/she should do?

We have another way through a saving card for such users. With a special credit card benefits, you can keep yourself entertained in Dubai without exceeding your budget. You can use all types of luxurious things like travel privileges to lifestyle offers, and private lounge access to regular days gold club entrance. Credit cards can make a lot of leisure activities more affordable for you within a suitable budget. You can even avail discounts at restaurants and cinemas as well as get free valet parking with some credit cards.

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