Finding The Right Insurance Company For Music Instrument Appraisers?

The musical instrument appraisers have all the needed talent, expertise, and experience that lets them magically determine the value of the instruments. After quantifying all the information (date of purchase, history of ownership, condition, quality, and others) alongside photos, and videos, the specialists provide the fair value of the instrument.

Insurance for Appraisers

Their great knack in reviewing and valuation is incredible. With the boom, bust, and several technological advancements, the role of the musical instrument appraiser has become very important. Unfortunately, it puts appraisers into risk- from physical to financial. Puzzled?

Yes, human errs is no exception. There exist, chances that appraiser overvalue or undervalue the item mistakenly. There are legal ramifications, in addition to financial penalties, which is disastrous for the appraisers. Well, rewinding the tape and making the mistakes correct is not possible, but there is a way to overcome the challenge.

It’s to protect yourself from the risks by taking insurance coverage. You heard it right. The Music instrument Insurance Companies like Clarion Associates covers the need with a unique insurance plan for the appraisers.

Take a sneak peek inside at what the company offers under insurance for appraisers:

The policy offers Insurance for Appraisers coverage who perform instruments’ value, damage, or loss evaluation and when any type of mistake is made by them, the sum of money as the claim is passed to reduce the impact of the worst consequences.The plan is covering those appraisers that are associated with Clarion or helping the company in instrument appraisals. All in all, Errors and Omission (E&O) insurance is related to professional liability where the appraiser’s negligence or failure to perform the right instrument valuation is covered.

Why do musical instrument appraisers need insurance?

Presently, the increasing number of business or individuals playing the role of appraisers is exposing to E&O lawsuits or claims because of erroneous advice, negligence, service errors, and omissions that lead to financial harm.When you are sued, you have to spend bundles on paying the defense cost, judgement, or settlement. That’s where the insurance policy for appraisers protect you from all such monetary losses. It’s better to buy the one.

Why should you consider Clarion Associates to get Insurance for Musical Instrument Appraisers?

You will be looking for a company that provides aone-size-fits-all solution to all your insurance needs. It’s not enough. There is something more, which you should give a thought to. They are:

  • Standing in the industry with years of experience of the musical instruments.
  • The better understanding of music instrument appraisers’ needs.
  • Providing a customized insurance plan at a reasonable rate.
  • Highly inclusive policies providing extensive coverage.
  • The dedicated customer support providing unmatched service instantly.

At Clarion Associates, with more than 30 years of experience in the music industry, all are available under one roof. It’s amazing. Isn’t it? Wanted to get your risks covered? If so, get connected with our consultants to get the insurance plan tailored to your needs at affordable premiums.

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