How to Automate Accounting System and Speed up Billing Process

Businesses these days are facing immense difficulties in order to get on-time payments. Actually, if we take into consideration, the billing process often feels like a nightmare and is a concept for ages. Especially the small businesses have to go through this time-consuming cycle. One thing which is happening for sure is that sending out the invoices is a tedious process, but there is no guarantee of on-time payments. But not be neglected, it is the most vital part of the business. By having an efficient invoicing system, the working of businesses can be improved in some ways. The businesses should focus on having an efficient accounts receivable system.

accounts receivable automation software

Giving in some easy but crucial steps for improving the working of the billing process in a business:

  • Setting your terms- The first and foremost important step is setting business terms. Before even initiating the deal with a client/business, both the parties should clearly state the terms so that they can agree on a set of rules. This is the base for good customer relations and definitely increases one’s chances of getting paid on time.


  • Optimizing the billing times- Here you will get the answer as to when you should send the invoice. As per the recent research, a cash-flow forecasting software studied 330,000+ invoices and found in their study that mostly the companies invoice as jobs come into place. Though it is a great practice to invoice as soon as the business reaches the vital invoicing target, it can be proved to be inefficient.


  • The techniques behind getting paid on time- Laying emphasis on the most important point that is getting paid on time. Timing is the most crucial factor. But also that’s not the only factor. Some of the more important terms that you should focus on are-
    • Put all the terms on your invoice.
    • Don’t put more than four people on the invoice because, as a result, nobody will claim responsibility and pay the bill on time.
    • Do add a company logo to the invoice.


  • Minimizing Errors- This should be considered as an important element of good invoicing, but often this point is neglected. Any invoice errors can cause confusion between the two parties. Such errors happen more often than we might think.


  • Automate the processes- With the technological advancement, carrying out complex business process have become systematic and easier than before. There are software and digital tools for every management process. This has made accounting operations very accurate and time-efficient. Every business, irrespective of the size and industry, is investing in automating their accounting or financial processes for optimum results. The traditional method of carrying out financial operations manually costs money, time, and leads to duplication of efforts. Automating the billing system or the receivable processes will ensure accuracy and time efficiency compared to the pertaining method. This will also put a lasting impression on the customer. Thus, every business should focus on getting the accounts receivable automationsoftware to get paid faster and save them as well as for their customers.


  • Billing software for hassle-free billing-In the case of small businesses, simple accounting processes like drafting a spreadsheet or making balance sheet serves as an evaluating system for them. Therefore, installing a suitable billing software or accounts receivable collection software can enhance the accounting system and increase productivity. The software will enable sending out bills to the customers on time with maximum accuracy rate and keeping track of the business’s actual performance.


  • Assimilate- It can be very difficult for the small businesses to suddenly switch from their current methods of carrying out accounts to the digital method of managing accounts. As the business and its employees are familiar with the current process, they cannot change the processing method overnight. Thus, it is always recommended to integrate the two systems to enhance the working method without slowing down the business process. Integration of the two systems is one of the best accounts receivable solutionswhich any business can implement.


  • Centralized system- The tools and measures implemented by the business, like automating the system to get their cash-flow position on track and efficiently manage their accounts, won’t be effective until there is a centralized system. A well-organized accounts receivable management systemwill help the business stabilize its financial process and attain a positive cash-flow position. Thus every process should be laid out systematically and interlinked to get the optimum results.


The billing process is an overwhelming task for any business, especially small or medium-sized enterprises. However, with suitable tools, techniques, and accounts receivable solutions, the billing process can be improved and enhanced for effective results. Once the billing process is organized, the business will be able to grow and expand.


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