How to Earn Money from a Work-from-Home Setup

Remote employment has always been a coveted setup in the work environment as it offers flexible arrangements for employees who prefer freedom over stringency. The rise of the pandemic has pushed even more people to work from home to sustain their daily living or just to serve as an additional source of income.

How to Earn Money

Even if this is the case, there are still many legitimate work opportunities online where you can earn money in the comforts of your home.

Despite having a huge cut-off from the typical employment logistics, working from home also entails having access to a stable internet connection and other equipment like a laptop or desktop computer. You also have to dedicate a workspace at home free from distractions to help give you a proper work mindset.

To give you an idea of how to earn money online, we have listed online opportunities to try out at home.

  1. Freelance Writing and Editing

If you have a knack for words and creating written content, this job is the best fit for you. While some opportunities in this field may be tedious and are on the lower end of the pay scale, working as a writer can help sharpen your writing and research skills. You can gain experience by writing different topics out of your comfort zone or working under different editors with their own styles.

Many companies look for freelance writers, either for a one-time project or a long-term one. Doing work commissions can also spice up your credentials, which can help you get hired for regular and high-paying writing jobs.

If you’re trained at editing—may it be for written or visual content—freelance work is also available. Truth be told, not all good writers are good at editing, so this task is vital to companies that have writers on board. Editors are also necessary for businesses in production, whether it’s print, TV, or online.

You can try different editing gigs online, such as those offered in Upwork and Work Market. Common types of work are copy editor, photo editor or web editor, manuscript editor, and managing editor.

  1. Virtual Tutoring

Share your expertise with other people by venturing into virtual tutoring jobs. This is different from online courses as the sessions are usually one-on-one or small groups instead of a video that people can access. Some online tutoring jobs pay hourly or per session based on the employer and the subject you teach.

In some cases, there are other prerequisites when applying for online tutoring, like the TEFL Certification if you want to teach English to non-native speakers. Some also require interviews before you can be accepted. To increase your chances, it is better to teach topics that are part of your specialty and include all essential credentials that can help you rise above other aspiring tutors.

  1. Investing in stocks

Although this may not be considered an online job, stock market investments can help you earn money at home if you have excess capital. As a shareholder, you can make money through stock price appreciation, which increases over time by increasing the potential value of the company you have invested in.

Stock investment is more than just sharing ownership in a corporation. To increase your chance of receiving greater returns and make your investment successful, you must employ the right strategies, such as investing early and regularly and finding a reputable company you think is stable and worth the investment.

Obviously, investing in stocks is not easy. There is a great risk of loss, too, so if you’re a beginner and still learning the ropes, it is better to use the extra money you have that you are not afraid to lose. It should go without saying that you need ample stock market investing knowledge before getting into it.

  1. Answer online surveys and provide feedback

The target market’s feedback is essential for companies to help them analyze their strengths and weaknesses and learn the audiences’ preferences. Answering surveys and giving your honest feedback can help you earn money without devoting too much time and engaging in tedious workloads.

One example of selling your feedback is product testing. In this, you will have an opportunity to try products before the public can buy them. Although it is easy-money work that you can do in one sitting, you won’t be able to earn as much as here compared to regular-paying jobs online. If you want to consider this as a way to make extra bucks aside from a full-time job, then this is an excellent opportunity for you.

  1. Virtual Assistant

Numerous entrepreneurs look for virtual assistants to help them manage administrative and technical tasks. Aside from saving them space and budget allotted for an on-site assistant, the remote jobs caused by the pandemic heightened the need for virtual assistants.

As long as you have the organizational skills, you can work as a VA and respond to messages and calls, compile reports, schedule meetings and events, manage social media accounts and websites, handle online appointments, and do other clerical, administrative, or technical tasks.

Some virtual assistants are employed on a contractual basis and may work for only a few hours a week. If you are looking for available jobs, make sure to apply with clients near your time zone to avoid odd work hours. You can try looking for gigs on freelancing platforms such as Upwork and Freelancer.

Earn Money at Home

Staying at home does not mean being a couch potato as you binge-watch series and movies on Netflix. With the changing times, your home can now be your workplace to help you earn sufficient money —just make sure that you’re still observing your boundary between work and personal life, and you’re well on your way to making ends meet.

While there are different ways to earn money online, it’s crucial to apply and get a job that matches your skills. Whether you want just a side hustle or a regular-paying job, the internet is open for you.


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