How to Make Online Credit Card Payments?

Credit cards are fast becoming the most preferred method of cashless transaction in India. Today, there are more than 36.2 million active credit cards, transacting approximately Rs. 12.98 Crore annually.

Credit Card Payments

A substantial amount of that transaction happens through online credit card payment. Most online retailers offer lucrative discounts if you purchase with your credit card. The payment process is also very simple and straightforward, providing a hassle-free experience to the users. Let’s understand how to purchase something online and pay using your credit cards.

Steps to pay online with credit cards

Online payment using a credit card involves a few verification steps before you complete the transaction. Most of these are designed to ensure your cards stay away from malicious or fraudulent transactions and data theft. Check out the process now.


  • Visit the checkout page – Select the item you would like to buy and add it to the shopping cart to proceed with your purchase. Ensure you have sufficient unutilised credit left in your card; or else, the transaction might be declined.



  • Enter your shipping address – Once you are at the checkout page, you have to enter your shipping address to continue with the credit card payment. The shipping address allows a merchant to calculate the cost of shipping as well as know the location of the delivery.


You have to enter the shipping address separately even if it’s the same as the billing address.


  • Choose credit card as the payment method – After you select the credit card payment method, you might have to enter the type of card you are using. Generally, you need to choose between Visa and MasterCard depending on which one you own.



  • Enter your credentials – Enter the details like your name, credit card number, expiry date, CVV code, etc. Be careful while entering your card details as an incorrect entry may cause the transaction to get declined.



  • Mention your billing address – Billing address is where you receive your card statement every month. It can be different from your shipping address. For example, the shipping address can be of your home, but the billing address on your credit card can be of your office. Check previous credit cards statements if you are unsure of your exact billing address.


After you purchase something using your card, you have to pay the outstanding amount within a given due date. You can pay your credit card’s bill online through various payment methods.

NEFT – NEFT, or National Electronic Funds Transfer, is a countrywide electronic payment system. You can transfer funds from any savings account to your credit cards’ account online via this facility.

You will have to provide with some details while making a NEFT payment.

  1. Payee name, as it appears on your credit card.
  2. Payee Account Number, which is the 16-digit number in your card.
  3. Bank Name.
  4. IFSC Code of the financial institution.
  5. Branch Location as it appears in your cards’ statement.

NACH – NACH is an excellent option if you want to automate the monthly bill payment process. You have to link your existing savings account to the credit card’s account with the NACH facility, and they will automatically deduct the due payment every month.

Mobile app – Various financial institutions have dedicated mobile applications which allow you to manage your account as well as pay the bill at your discretion. For example, if you own a Bajaj Finserv RBL Bank SuperCard, you can use the RBL MyCard App to make payments to your card instantly from your savings account.

Besides, you can also enjoy various industry-first features while using the SuperCard. It combines four cards in one, having features of a credit card, loan card, EMI card and a cash card.

On top of that, Bajaj Finserv provides pre-approved offers for credit cards, personal loans, home loans, business loans, and a range of other financial products. Such offers help you save time by simplifying the procedure to avail finance. You only have to share some essential details to check your pre-approved offer.

With the advent of the internet and integration of the latest technologies, online credit card payments have become a safe, simple, and streamlined process. So, make your bill payments in time and enhance your credit score significantly.

Gaurav khanna is an experienced financial advisor, digital marketer and writer who is well known for his ability to predict market trends. You can find Gaurav on Linkedin.

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