Need a priceless investment? Choose ULIP!

Most of the time, we think about investing out money in the best possible instrument that we can! Little do we know that there are so many great options that can do us well, when it comes to investing most of us think of putting out money into volatile market like the stock market. That could spell a lot of trouble if you are not sure about what you are doing. Most of us are clueless when it comes to investing money in the stock market and most of the time we are invest in a stock without knowing the benefits that can come from it leading to a drop in our investments.

ULIP plans

That is one of the reasons that most people today are looking to invest in other safer yet good instruments that can give you super benefits. ULIP are one such instrument that is a firm favourite amongst many. The simple benefit is that you would get a premium cover and apart from that returns on the investment to the debt or equity fund that you are putting money into. There are a lot of channels you can invest in and the benefit is that you can get benefits either ways.

Many people are looking to invest in Unit Linked Insurance Plans because of the sheer reason that you have so much flexibility, you are able decide how and when you want to pay the premium amounts of a ULIP policy. If you think about it, you can make a payment on the plan by splitting it into different packages or even looking at it as a one shot payment. That is one of the best benefits of looking at a plan like this. If you ever had to think of investing in a platform like this, it is the best sense. You would be able to judge and choose what suits you best and how well you can pay it out. There are many ULIP plans and the simplest way to bifurcate them would be to figure out the split of investment and cover that they provide. It would be a recurring investment or many call it a systematic investment plan if you choose to or you can even make it a one shot payment.

If you were to compare it to another form of investment, you would have to combine it as an insurance policy and a mutual fund put together. Not only would you be able to get the benefits of both, but you are given a huge benefit at any point of time. There are not many that give you the options that are provided here and you would be picking the best possible option when you choose to go ahead with a ULIP policy. If you were to choose for an investment today, you should take a few options to choose with and without a shadow of a doubt – you have to ask your financial expert what is ULIP and why you have not added it in your portfolio yet. There are only advantages looking at it from a working individual’s portfolio.

Author Bio: Ashwini Shinde is a financial advisors and passionate bloggers loves to share information about various investment option like ULIP Plans, Mutual Funds, Bond and Equities etc.

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