Risk & Return in Alternative Investment

Alternative investment refers to a wider spectrum of investment opportunities which have high payoff potentials. This investment type is more complex by nature. The most common example of alternative investment is real estate property business or private equity venture.

Alternative Investment

Alternative investment is a favorite choice for professional investors but can be a good money-making avenue for the private investors too if they are guided by the financial advisors. There are good varieties of alternative investment and they offer a broader scope of making money through channelizing your funds in a wisely planned way.

The idea of alternative investment applies to tangible assets like real estate property and similar types which have high intrinsic value. This investment type requires more funds but involves lees risk as compared to its traditional counterpart. Though the asset value is buffered by market demand and crowd of investment enthusiasts but it also oscillates depending on the relative status of demand and supply in the market.

For the newbie, it is most important to be educated about current market scenario and future potentials before contemplating a large scale investment.

Real Estate Property

Before being badly hit in 2007, property market was the most viable choice to ensure n oversized return on your investment. Fortunately, the market is on its way to achieve the lost status. It provides you return through two tunnels, one-time proceeds from sale and regular payoffs via rental income.

If real estate market sails through a good phase, you can get overwhelming proceeds from your property sale. Price will go up further if you have done some development works in the acquired property. However, in view of the recuperating market, you should not be that much hopeful. When investment climate is not in your favor, higher risk gets involved with investment.

These days, property financing often involves mortgage or similar types of incurred debt. Though you get poor return in form of sale proceeds, rental income is unlikely to dip. Unfavorable climate will encourage people to rent a house instead of owning a home and that makes the rental charge less vulnerable to fluctuation.

Paintings or Sculpture

Paintings and sculptures have a good market value. They are not only good collectibles but can fetch you millions if are created by the world-famous artists. However, the rookies can hardly pocket out a huge figure to buy the paintings and sculptures that have a good resale value. For them, it is better to buy the works of upcoming artists. You can get them at an easy-on-pocket price but can possibly make a huge chunk of profit out of their resale. However, to make that much profit, you need to spot the talents, have some patience and be supported by ‘luck’ factor.

Antique Pieces & Other Valuable Collectibles

An experienced investor always looks into the demand side of an object to estimate the return. Antique market is a lucrative place for investment and can offer a good way to start out. The persons with different levels of risk appetite and budget can venture out in the market and succeed. The key to success is to familiarize with antique market.

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