Top 4 Countries Where You Can Buy the Cheapest Rolex Watches

When it comes to watches, Rolex holds a firm position at the top for their amazing timeless pieces. A watch is an essential accessory for all men, and on top of that, a Rolex watch is something that gives off a very novel vibe. However, due to the high price tag of these watches, most people can’t afford them. A lot of factors come into play when deciding the price of a Rolex watch, which is why they vary from one country to another. To take things into perspective, if Rolex decides to increase the prices of its watches worldwide, some countries will be more affected than others because of things like currency and inflation. As buying a luxury watch is like making an investment, it is not a smart decision to pay more for something you can save money on. In this article, I am going to highlight four countries where you can buy the cheapest Rolex watches.

Cheapest Rolex Watches


If I am going to make a list about buying cheap Rolex watches, not mentioning the Middle East would be a sin. The Middle East, especially the Dubai airport, is pretty famous for cheap Rolex watches because of their no VAT policy. VAT is the value-added-tax that is placed on most products whenever they are transferred from one point in the supply chain to another, for example, from production to the point of sale. VAT amounts to a lot of increase in Rolex prices worldwide, and Dubai airport being exempted from it gives buyers a very good option.


Switzerland is a name that undoubtedly comes in the top two for being the cheapest country to buy luxury Rolex watches. It doesn’t mean that the price of Rolex watches is always the lowest here as different factors come into play when deciding the price of a Rolex watch. However, an interesting thing that makes Switzerland the best place to buy Rolex watches from is the fact that most of these watches are manufactured here locally. So, it makes total sense that the price for these watches is the lowest in Switzerland as buyers are not charged extra for transportation or customs costs. Moreover, if you are looking to get the best price, you should consider buying Rolex watches online. You can discover all Rolex Daydate models online so that you can save as much money as possible.

Scandinavian Region

Consisting of three kingdoms of Denmark, Norway, and Sweden, the Scandinavian Peninsula is another great place to look for if you want to buy Rolex watches at a low price. The low prices mainly result due to the fact that these countries don’t have a very stable currency, and it is generally cheaper when compared to the most used currencies, such as the dollar or the euro. So when Rolex increases its prices worldwide, these countries are the least affected by the price hike and therefore are a great place to buy luxury watches at cheap rates.

The UK

Now, most of you might be wondering why the UK is listed in the same category as it is not a cheap region. However, the aftermath of Brexit has made the UK a heaven to buy Rolex watches from. Brexit brought a decline in pound prices with it, which resulted in a lower exchange rate for the pound and a cheaper retail price for Rolex watches. In fact, after Brexit took place, the sale of Rolex watches priced at 10000 pounds or higher increased up to almost 70 percent. So, the UK is an obvious go-to place if you want to buy Rolex watches at a cheaper rate.


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