Top Video Marketing Tips For Real Estate To Sell Properties Like A PRO

If we look at the statistics of video marketing, we will notice that the popularity of video has blown up in the last few years. The real estate business is no different in following this trend. According to a study, YouTube has almost 250 hours of watch time. According to another study, a user spends more time watching videos than reading a website.

Video Marketing Tips For Real Estate

Real estate agents have started using video marketing strategies for their businesses. It helps them generate more leads and show their services in a visually appealing manner. If you are looking for tips on real estate video marketing, this article is for you.

Top 5 Tips On Video Marketing For Your Real Estate Business

The following are the tips that you can follow to create the best marketing videos for your real estate business:

  • Try Different Video Types

There are various kinds of videos that you can use for your business based on real estate marketing. Firstly, you must recognize your requirements based on priority, as it is the key factor. Understand whether you are selling your property, promoting your business, or answering queries by clients. Once this is clear, you can begin with proper preparations and establish your business the way you want.

1.1 Business Promotion and Interview

Want to promote your services related to real estate marketing? If yes, then making interview videos is one of the most appropriate ways. You can create videos interviewing your team about their designations and former clients about their success stories. In this way, you can promote by highlighting your achievements and authenticity, thus building trust among clients.

1.2 Property Tour

If you want to buy a property, what are the things you look for? Include those things in your videos. Highlight the best features about the property or the land you are selling, and show off the unique ones. Create tour videos of the house so that potential customers can see the house without even visiting the place personally.

1.3 Question and Answer Videos

People have many questions in mind related to buying property or land. It may be related to location, price, tax, loans, or anything. You can address these questions by creating question and answer videos or live videos for social media websites.

  • Real Estate Content Editing

Understanding the layout for the video and capturing the perfect shot is the first thing you need for a real estate video. After that, you need the right content and editing skills to make it perfect for your real estate video marketing. There are many real estate video editor tools available in the market, both free and paid.

2.1 Paid Options

Video editing is a crucial part of video making. You can select the best editor based on the different features they offer, along with the ease of use. Within the paid category of tools, there are many expensive to pocket-friendly ones. Many of them offer a free trial to explore the features.

2.2 Free Options

If you are starting with video making and are not sure which software to use for editing, you can opt for the free options. There are many free video editing software with multiple helpful features. All you need is to explore them and decide on the one that best suits you.

  • Locality, Amenities, and Activities

When someone buys a property, they do not only take a look at the property but also explore the nearby locality and facilities available. To get the potential buyers, you need to cover them in your real estate marketing videos.

3.1 Sense of Community

The locality of the property is of utmost importance in deciding its value. Every buyer is interested in the surroundings or neighborhood. By making community videos, you can address the buyers’ queries related to the locality of the property. Under this, the content may vary. For example, a bachelor would be showing more interest in the nightlife, bars nearby, and distance from their college or university. In contrast, the families would be more interested in nearby schools, parks, etc.

3.2 Talk About the Amenities

When buying a house, a person will be likely to select the option of having all amenities nearby. Obviously, no one would like to buy a property in a deserted area, having no facilities miles apart. You don’t need to sell the property, but the location and lifestyle using your video. So talk about the amenities available. Highlight all the nearby facilities, such as medical facilities, schools, educational institutes, transportations, restaurants, clubs, supermarkets, bars, etc.

  • Use Technology

You must run with time and use the latest technologies to make videos for real estate marketing. The following are the methods you may use:

4.1 360 Film

When you sell a property, it is difficult to capture it on a 2D surface, which creates the need for 360 videos. Such videos allow the audience to have an immersive tour of the property while sitting at home.

4.2 Use Drones to Give Birds-Eye View

Drones have gained more popularity in the past few years because they cover the view, which a camera cannot. Drone shots can show the view of the house and its neighborhood. Using the drone, you can highlight the amount of space occupied by the property you are buying.

4.3 AI Tours

AI tours let you creatively show your property using the latest technology. It will make your business tech-savvy and modern. AI tours consist of walking through the property that navigates you to the landing page. Using the latest technology might seem expensive, but the price may change with the evolving market. Moreover, the business generated using these technologies will be worth their use.

  • Video Promotion

Video making is one thing and displaying them in the right place to make them reachable to a wider audience is another vital part of real estate video marketing.

5.1 Advertisement Videos for Social Media

You might be promoting your real estate business on social media, but this is the time to take a step further by creating advertisement videos. Make sure these ads are short and crisp. You need to take care of the guidelines relevant to each platform, such as YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, or Google, such as the length of the video, copyright restrictions, and aspect ratio.

5.2 Educational Videos for Social Media

Educational videos consist of how-to videos, knowledge transfer videos, or social media guides adding value to the buyers. You need not focus on selling the property, but on fulfilling the requirements of the clients. You can cover topics such as answering common questions, showing the procedure for finalizing the property, providing information on home loans, addressing real-life problems, and much more.

5.3 Share Personalized Videos over Email

Although marketing through emails is not a new medium of promotion, it is still effective in generating solid ROI. It helps build trust and provides personalized communication. When you make videos to share over email, make sure the videos are short and deliver the core message within that time frame. Moreover, email videos should be engaging enough to make your brand reach your prospective clients.


Video marketing for real estate businesses can get new leads, appealingly show the property, and create more engagement. It is necessary to join the world of video marketing in this time of digitalization. This article presented various ideas on video marketing for your real estate businesses that you can follow to bring your business to a new height of success.

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