Why is Vastu important in commercial property?

Most of the investors looking for commercial property in Gurgaon look out for projects that are Vaastu compliant. Vaastu is an old science, that determines the guidelines, adhering to which the layouts for residential and commercial properties are to be developed. This ensures the flow of positive energy in the complexes. From small business spaces to multistoried complexes, it is important to focus on the design aesthetics and Vaastu at the same time. In order to ensure prosperity in business, many business firms and entrepreneurs buy properties that are Vaastu compliant.

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Properties that are Vaastu compliant have several specific features. For instance, the plot has to be a perfect square, or a rectangle with the ratio between the length and the breath as 1:2. Besides, the corners of the properties in the south east and south west corners need to be at right angles.

The reputed designers consider the Vaastu guidelines, when they develop new projects.  This enhances the value of the properties. Investors find more confidence in these properties, as compared to the ones that are developed without any Vaastu compliance.

If you are planning to buy a property in Gurgaon, these Vaastu guidelines will help you make the right purchase.

  • The south and north boundary should be made of thick stone or concrete if possible.
  • The north and south boundaries of the property must be built with concrete or stone materials. These walls, when made from these materials, ensure a positive growth of the business.
  • One of the thumb rule of commercial property development is that, it should slope to north from south. If you have any heavy machines or objects, they should be placed in the south, and used in this part itself. If you have light machinery, you should use the north.
  • No open land should be located in the north eastern part of the property. Besides, no hill or mountain should be located to the north or east. The site has to be chosen accordingly during the time of purchase.
  • You should not be using any barbed wire around a site, that houses a commercial property. This might feed a negative attitude, leading to resentment among the employees or others associated with the firm.
  • If you own an office or a plant, the main structure should be located in the south west.
  • For the relaxation of employees, you need to develop a central courtyard in the property. The floor plan of the property has to be developed accordingly.
  • When you buy a commercial property, make sure that the main entrance of the structure is in the north, east, north-east or north-west. Avoid directions like south west and south, as these are considered not to be very auspicious. In case you do not have any other option, you can have an entrance in the west.
  • If you want to have a waterbody around the commercial complex, choose the north east direction. Waterbodies apply to underground water tanks, wells, aquariums, pools or fountains, that are created artificially to enhance the aesthetic beauty of the property. At any cost, the wells should be in the south or south west. Otherwise, you may have brawls and problems among the workers or employees.
  • Waterbodies in the south east often lead to the loss of productivity or dissatisfaction among the workers.
  • If you have water treatment plants in the complex, they should be in the west or north west directions.
  • Choose the south-east direction for furnaces, broilers, and transformers. If you do not find this feasible, choose south.
  • In case you have storage rooms, make sure to choose the south west direction. Besides, you need to store waste materials in this particular direction.
  • If you store finished goods in your plant, go for the north-west direction.
  • In case you do not have any other option, store the generators in the south east.
  • The labs, main offices and management centers should be positioned in the west.
  • In case you have quarters for the employees, they should be positioned in the south west or north west corners of the plot.
  • Medical facility structures for the employees must be developed in the west and south western parts of the property.

These guidelines will help you choose the right property in terms of Vaastu compliance.

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