5 Essential Tips for Updating Your Rental Property

Intro: Competing for renters’ attention can be a challenge. Deciding where to invest when updating your property is confusing and updating every aspect at once can burn a hole in your wallet. Do your research and start by prioritizing what needs the most attention. Make repairs carefully and consider multiple solutions to your property before going over your budget. Participating in the race to fill your rental can be intimidating so set your space apart with these following tips.

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Tip 1 Change your Flooring 

Switching up the flooring competes aggressively for the most essential update any rental property needs. Look into installing vinyl plank flooring which is cheap and easy to handle. You can easily put it over existing flooring and immediately update the look of an entire room drastically. Disguising an ugly floor can make a room feel more modern and change the overall appeal of a space. Determining the color of your walls is of great importance but, flooring also plays a critical role in brightening or darkening up a room.

Tip 2 Install Modern Technology 

In today’s digital world installing modern technology is an appealing element most look for when renting. Installing smart home technology can raise the value of space and appeal to a huge renter demographic, the millennial generation. Consider installing smart locks for easy in and out transitions. Not having to carry a key will be an exciting element and not having to change locks will be efficient. Another addition to consider would be installing new security technology. Cameras and sensors can help monitor your property when you’re not present. Make sure to keep in mind your renters’ privacy and the laws in your area before installing cameras.

Tip 3 Create an Accent Wall 

Utilize your creative skills and transform a boring wall into an eye-catching centerpiece. Creating an accent wall is a budget-friendly way to revamping a blank space. Have your apartment or house stand out and immediately catch your renters’ attention. This artistic addition can be customized however you’d like therefore appealing to several demographics that can be easy. Have an industrial art piece hang next to a bright color scheme for a younger crowd or, tone down the ambiance with neutral colors and a still life painting for a mature generation. An accent wall is flexible to work with and can draw in a variety of crowds.

rental property

Tip 4 Update Your Kitchen Fixtures

There are many ways you can make your rental property look more appealing without making some drastic changes to the home. Consider making small changes to your kitchen hardware. Getting new knobs, replacing old kitchen cabinets, or simply repainting them can give your kitchen a fresh new look.

Another DIY friendly project would be replacing your old sink faucets and installing new ones. Make sure you follow directions and learn how to correctly measure a kitchen sink. If you do end up switching things, make sure they are stored away properly to avoid damage and to make things easier for when you need to install them back. Investing in more modern styles for your home can help you transform your home. When making these changes, make sure you are sticking with the same decor ideas to make sure your kitchen matches altogether. You must be careful when deciding which changes you want to make in case you need approval from the landlord. Avoid making upgrades that will require drilling holes.

Tip 5 Replace Your Toilet

When making upgrades to your rental property, going for bathroom updates can be a great start! Most rental homes are allowed to make small updates such as replacing the toilet of your bathroom, but you can always ask your landlord to make sure it is okay. The toilet should be clean and updated for you and your guests to be more accommodated.

With all the information that we have access to online such as tutorials and other helpful resources, you can easily attempt this yourself. For serious plumbing upgrades, you might need to get a hold of a professional to avoid making mistakes.


Although remodeling a home while you rent a property only goes to a certain extent, there are multiple ways to update your rental property. After all, most landlords will be happy to see their rental property is being updated. Lower the likelihood of future damages always make sure your potential renters have a good credit score and renters insurance. Start making small changes here and there, and always be aware of remodeling projects that can’t be done or that will damage the home. Try going for cheap projects that perhaps you can DIY along with doing some research. For bigger projects always ask a professionals’ opinion along with your landlords.

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