Must Read: Some Different career options in Finance industry

The finance industry is multifaceted, offering a wide range of career options.  For a beginner, obtaining a bachelor degree is just a first step. Take a closer look towards all the career options, in order to understand the need and scope of financial sector. It is suggested that putting some focus towards deciding the industry and job profile as well.

Finance industry

When it comes to select a career path many of us get confused. Because at that time, we need to analyze lots of things such as career and job prospects, salary, future scope etc.

To make decision process easy regarding selecting a better career option, below are some best career paths in finance which may help you in selecting the best one for you.

  1. Co-operate Finance: Corporate Finance mainly deals with:
  • Handles fund management for various projects with a lowest possible cost of funds.
  • Make Acquisitions and plans for its financial future
  • Allocation of financial resources of a company
  • Maintenance of the capital structure of the company.

Cooperate finance positions can be found in all size of organization whether it is small, large or medium. Some of the major job roles in corporate finance include financial analyst, cost analyst, treasurer or some business development profile.

  1. Investment Banking: Career in investment banking is one of the most fruitful options. Investment bankers usually work to help their clients, assisting them with merge and acquisitions, and advising them on unique investment opportunities. They work with their clients and solve their issue regarding investment plans.
  2. Commercial Banking: Commercial banks serve to large organizations, small companies; therefore, it offers more career opportunities as compares to any other career. Career option available in this sector includes Loan Officer, Branch Manager, Bank Teller, Programmer and Trust Officer. One can start their career in commercial banks as an Associate and Analyst.
  3. Private Equity and Venture Capital: Private Equity firms are considered as an important part of the economy and offer different career options in finance. Duties of private equity professional include Analysis of spreadsheet of the economics for a potential leveraged buyout, Coordinating the diligence and research items required to carry out a transaction, Carrying out industry research etc.
  4. Financial Planning: Financial planners help individuals to develop plans that will ensure their present and future financial stability. They understand the financial goals and generate a plan for saving and investing that fits the client’s individual needs. These people work in large, small or locally based firms.

Financial risk management: The people working in FRM usually involved in controlling, analyzing, or evaluating potential credit risk, liquidity risk and market risk as well as non-market related financial risks. This career field is good for the people who have the ability to calculate financial risk on regular basis.

These are some top career options to choose from in finance industry. Other than all of this, one can also choose a career in public accounting, Insurance, Hedge Funds.

Finance jobs exist in almost every industry and everywhere. After completion of a bachelor or Master Degree MBA, one can easily get the Finance job vacancy in any small or large organization due to the availability of online job portals. Keep your search begin to grab the best opportunity in this advanced field.

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